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We deliver the people who change your business

We bring together recruiting, performance management and managed solutions to help our clients get more out of their most important asset.

Executive And Retained Search, Permanent and
Contract Staffing

Great people who can hit the ground running - and are the right fit
for your business.

Performance Management

360° management for in-house or outsourced teams.


We manage your helpdesk, project management or IT function - while you concentrate on your core business

Executive/Retained Search,
Permanent and Contract Staffing

We partner with our clients to understand their challenges, culture and goals, then deliver direct-sourced, fully-screened experts in their fields. From senior management to entry-level positions, we deliver permanent and contract staff who hit the ground running. Our particular areas of expertise are IT, sales and finance.

Solutions tailored to your needs, including contingency and flat-fee recruiting, retained executive search, contract staffing
and recruiting-by-the-hour

12 months after their start date, more than 50% of Poly-placed hires have been promoted or given increased responsibilities

95% of candidates move on to the “next step” in the interview process, and 94% of Poly-placed candidates are still on the job, 12 months later



Our client was expanding into the Canadian market and required a recruiting partner who could help them find Director- and Manager-level staff for multiple locations. These candidates needed to meet a very specific set of criteria, including travel to the US for a mandatory training period.


  • Poly worked closely with the client to identify the characteristics of the ‘ideal candidate,’ knowing that the management roles would progress quickly. In other words, they needed to hire for now and for the future
  • Poly developed a talent pool to accommodate the client’s future growth plans and was able to present candidates quickly as needs arose
  • Through this process we implemented a low cost, flat-fee-based model along with a guarantee period.


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Client’s recruitment & employment brands have a higher, more positive profile
in the industry

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The difference with Poly is that when they send us a candidate, we know that he or she has actually been fully screened. We don't have to waste time interviewing unsuitable people.
- HR Director, Retail


We not only ‘place’ a candidate - we also help drive their performance through effective on-boarding programs and
other retention strategies such as subsidized training, career development and coaching.

Clients say we help them save 20-55% on recruiting and people-related costs

Our performance specialists ensure that each employee is productive and highly engaged - which means lower turnover and higher customer satisfaction ratings

We reduce time-to-hire by 50% or more by keeping your talent pipeline full



A long-term Poly client maintained a large pool of contract-based service desk agents across all levels. Pay inequities and a lack of standardized rate cards, combined with high turnover and a lengthy time-to-hire, presented an opportunity to drive efficiencies.


  • Proposed an integrated solution using a single supplier, competitive rate cards and effective SLAs
  • Consistent, effective attraction and retention strategies were introduced for all roles
  • Regular performance reviews were conducted in order to drive performance and identify areas for improvement


We built a large team of helpdesk agents, business analysts, process analysts and project managers, which we continue to manage on a daily basis.

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With help from the Poly team, we were able to reduce our spending on contract resources by 15%, while improving productivity by 17% over the first year. - VP Resourcing, Financial Services


We specialize in delivering and managing IT, Project Management and Help Desk services - so you can concentrate on your core business. With onsite and local outsourcing solutions, you receive the benefits of improved efficiencies, better risk management, effective communication and high-touch, high-quality service.

From I.T. Project Management, Service Desk Assessment/Identification of opportunities, to full migration of Support Services - we help you identify your priorities and ensure we deliver on time and on budget.

Clients say we reduce costs by 10-25% annually - and the savings continue to grow over time

Our CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores are sustained at an average of 95%

We create and enforce meaningful SLAs to ensure that we consistently meet or exceed targets



Our client needed a partner to assist them in creating a new structure and approach to providing a Service Desk function to support their internal head-office and sales staff. Their goals were to provide high quality service, manage and predict costs, and to be more nimble in their ability to accommodate ever-changing IT projects and day-to-day requirements.


  • Poly pitched for and won the business based on a high-touch, fully-customized approach that wasn’t based on one-size-fits all solutions
  • We provided a structure and operational model, governance, a change management framework and a transition plan which helped the client move to a fully-managed on-site solution
  • Poly recruits, onboards and manages all analysts and is accountable to the client through monthly SLAs and other metrics which ensure continuous improvements


CSAT scores
are sustained at
an average of


Significant cost savings realized at the end of the first year of implementation; additional savings continue to accumulate

Client now has time to focus on IT strategy while Poly manages support team

Engaging Poly to manage our helpdesk function made a big difference in our ability to serve our internal clients and to respond to business cycle changes. - Resourcing Director, Healthcare industry